ALBUM REVIEW: A Means To No End – Destrage

Off the back of their 2014 release Are You Kidding Me? No, DESTRAGE propelled themselves into the spotlight with critical acclaim and the Italian whirling dervish have once again refused to be defined by any genre, grabbing the rule book and launching it right out of the window.The five piece hailing from Milan are set to grace us with their new groove ridden juggernaut A Means To No End via Metal Blade Records on October 21st and it pulls no punches. Every song has the key components to stand as its own entity and the synthesis provides a lethal combination.

The opening title track slowly eases you into proceedings with mellow guitars and the soaring tones of Paolo Colavolpe with an almost processional drum beat before Don’t Stare At The Edge picks up the pace with anthemic choruses and frantic shredding galore.

Symphony Of The Ego, previously released in lyric video format earlier in the year, is quite possibly one of the catchiest songs you will hear all year. It displays energy in spades and you can just imagine the insanity that would unfold when set free in a live environment and Silent Consent continues to deliver the fury with is sporadic changes in pace and monstrous blast beats to close.

The Flight shows no respite with its frenetic, mind boggling drum fills courtesy of Frederico Paulovich accompanied by addictive, punchy riffs which are simply headbang inducing. Surely it must be time for a breather right? Absolutely no, as Dreamers continues the blistering pace with its face melting tempo leaving little time to gasp for air. Ending To A Means provides you with a brief interval to screw your head back on with its silky smooth guitar slides before the second half of the album commences with the progressive wet dream known as Peacefully Lost. With its gliding choruses seamlessly interwoven amongst mesmerising guitar tones it provides one of the standout tracks on the album.

Just when you thought A Means To No End couldn’t possibly maintain its impactful frenetic pace it unleashes Not Everything Is Said which was a song destined for the live stage. Razor sharp groove ridden riffs aplenty on show from the unrelenting duo of Matteo Di Giola/Ralph Salati combined with an anthemic chorus ensures this track will be stuck in your head for weeks to come. To Be Tolerated continues the momentum with eccentric riffing and the welcoming addition of z frenzied yet brief guitar solo before Blah Blah gets its djent on with pulsating bass lines from Gabriel Pignata and comedic lyrical sentiments.

This albums journey is reaching its culmination but DESTRAGE are by no means finished just yet, A Promise, A Debt provides a relaxing vocal ensemble before your senses are ambushed once more with pounding drums and dense riffing to open the 7 minute epic Abandon To Random which rounds the album off nicely with its raw emotion and crazy sweep picking.

A Means To No End is DESTRAGE at their quirky, discordant best and really displays a band who are at the top of their game. It bears such a commanding presence that you cannot help but be fixated at the faultless powerhouse that is unfolding before you. A definite Album Of The Year contender.

Rating: 9/10

A Means To No End - Destrage

A Means To No End is set for release on October 21st via Metal Blade Records.

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