ALBUM REVIEW: Abhorrent Extinction – Visions of Disfigurement

The Manchester metal scene is at an all time high. Over recent years, more and more bands have emerged from the city marking it’s name on the map of heavy metal. Slam death metal outfit VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT have been creating a strong buzz in the underground scene for some time now, quite a feat with hardly any music released to this point. Now, 2016 sees the explosive debut, Abhorrent Extinction land. Aiming to make a filthy print on the extreme metal scene, does this debut from VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT do enough to make it stand apart from the competition?

Abhorrent Extinction doesn’t take long to unleash it’s gut-wrenching filth. After a short but trademark sound bite, the band explode into the first track, Fecaluria. Through powerful blasts of the drums from Ben Quinlivan, heavily down-tuned riffs and a ear-piercing vocal deliveries, the track instantly makes an impression; one that is downright hideous and savage in it’s presentation.

From there, things continue at this tone. Forced Urophagia‘s bending riffs echo influence from death metal titans SUFFOCATION and to good measure, it adds that extra level of technicality that is lacking in a lot of modern slam. The pace of the track is nicely balanced with enough variations in the pace to enable you to catch your breathe before the next vocal barrage from Daniel Bramley. Across the record there are moments that truly captivating. The introduction to Excremental Carnal Discharge features heavy bass tones from Adam Wheeler before unfolding into a truly savage blast from the drums. It’s utterly monstrous and at times and quite rightly so.

As the record progresses you are treated to the more of the same. This is a record that doesn’t try to reinvent itself, rather just refine what makes slam so god-damn heavy. From the sheer force of the humorously titled From Clit To Crack to the atmospheric title track, VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT have crafted a record of pure death metal savagery. Clocking in at around 35 minutes, this is a record that doesn’t try to over-complicate itself on it’s delivery, rather than pummel you into oblivion through gut-wrenching vocals and slick riffs.

So does Abhorrent Extinction do enough to hold up with the genre’s greats? Whilst the record clearly sticks to the formula of slam, there is enough present on Abhorrent Extinction to make it trade blows with it’s competitors. The production isn’t to the highest standard, but sometimes, that is exactly what is intended. This is a record of utter filth, a record designed to test your limits. The shock value fades as the record progresses, but for those with an ear for the extreme, you will find more than enough aspects to enjoy with Abhorrent Extinction. To say that this is VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT‘s debut full length really showcases that there is potential for this band to go onto bigger and better things. Abhorrent Extinction is a fine debut from the Manchester slam outfit and will stamp their name on the metal scene of the Northern powerhouse.

Rating: 8/10

Visions of Disfigurement - Abhorrent Extinction

Abhorrent Extinction is set for release on August 24th via self-release.