ALBUM REVIEW: Armageddon: End of The Beginning – V1

Following the release of a split with GIBRALTAR, V1 are close to releasing their long awaited debut record, Armageddon: End of the Beginning. There has been much anticipation about V1, with the band having two former members from heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN Dennis Wilcock, who fronted MAIDEN and remains on vocals with V1, and guitarist Terry Wapram.

The record kicks off with a self-titled track, and begins with a killer opening riff which is an instant throwback to the 70’s metal scene. It helps to build up the track, with the speed of the riffs dropping a notch and more rhythm kicking in. Wilcock delivers well on the vocals, helping to give off that old school metal sound. When it comes to the solos, they’re simplistic but still get you rocking, and the whole package is very well constructed.

There are a number of big hitters throughout the album that continue that traditional metal style, and really help to establish the overall sound of the band. One that springs out almost straight away is Taking You Higher. The track takes the tempo down another notch, and runs for near seven minutes. Again it’s rhythmic like the opening title track, and is very easy listening which is an unusual phrase in the metal scene!

Devil Devil is a mix between the two, as it begins slow with more simple guitar riffs, but once the bass joins in the pace picks up. Even though the band contain two former IRON MAIDEN members, this particular track has echoes of JUDAS PRIEST, which is expected when the band are all about maintaining that original metal sound.

Throughout the album, there seems to be more slower tracks than those that are fast paced. One of these faster tracks though is Croydon Boys, which appears towards the tail end of the record. It’s a nice change of tempo which keeps you interested in the record, and has some more complex riffs compared to the majority of the album which again shows there is a good mix throughout the record.

One of the great things about the current metal scene is that there is so much variety. We may be in 2017, and there are some bands that sound new and more modern, but this is definitely not the case with V1. They may well be a “new” band in terms of their formation and this being their debut record, but it is nice to see that the members have stuck to their roots and brought the old NWOBHM sound back into the modern day.

While the band have connections to IRON MAIDEN, some fans may be a little disappointed with the record if they were expecting hardcore killer riffs and plenty of headbanging throughout, as it is relatively slow overall, much like The Book Of Souls or even BLACK SABBATH’S 13.

That doesn’t take anything away from the quality though. The band have still delivered in terms of reviving that classic old school metal sound, and it is great to know that there are still bands around who keep the golden age of heavy metal alive. Overall a solid effort from V1, and it is highly recommended to check out the new album once it’s released.

Rating: 8/10

Armageddon: End of The Beginning - V1

Armageddon: End of The Beginning is set for release on October 13th via Frog Juice Production.

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