ALBUM REVIEW: Blood From The Lion’s Mouth – Barishi

After forming in 2010 in Southern Vermont, as a progressive instrumental three piece and then proceeding to release their uniquely gritty progressive first full length album in 2013 with vocalist Sascha Simms, BARISHI return with a new album Blood From The Lion’s Mouth which unlike their other release we see BARISHI aim the bands focus more towards one genre, dark metal. It is still clear to hear the progressive foundation of the band, even when exploring this new realm of darkness they still keep their own progressive twist throughout the album. This new sound spirals to create a much more meaningful and gripping experience for the listener than ever before as they have ultimately created something quite spectacular.

BARISHI kick off this new album with the track Grave of the Creator. It begins with the thunderous sound of palm muting guitars and Dylan Blake’s double bass drum and all round excellent drumming. Whilst still retaining its melodic features, both of the two distinctive sounds spiral and intertwine with each other, combining into one perfect contrast of sound. This sets the tone and the listener’s attitude for the rest of the album.

The second record and also the title track to appear off this entrancing album by BARISHI is Blood From The Lion’s Mouth, starting off slow and steady with the perfect calming sounds to all fans of metal – double kicks. A beat which cradles you though the record in perfect harmony with Graham Brooks lullaby riff making that spot on rhythm that compellingly makes your body sway, your foot tap and your head nod. The entire sound is pulled together with Sascha Simms heartfelt screams which add depth to the dark atmospheric feel of the music without stealing the limelight away from the other artists in the band.

Another highlight of the album is the song Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetry starting off with church bells which then eruptions into aggressive sounding blast beats, the sound that is produced in this particular moment on the track sounds slightly similar to something that you would hear from UK black metal band WINTERFYLLETH, this is definitely one of the more faster moments of this album. Once again we see BARISHI become very melodic in the second half of this track, perfectly transitioning together the rougher sounds and the gentler material, this melodic section breaks up the song by taking over the second half and lasting right until the end of the track before just fading out.

Ultimately this is an excellent second album for BARISHI, it blends together elements of much more darker and aggressive noises with the innovative melodic and progressive sound that they have achieved in the past. This album will get you gripped, provoke emotions and take you on a journey. Get ready.

Rating: 8/10

Blood From The Lion's Mouth - Barishi

Blood From The Lion’s Mouth is set for release on September 16th via Season of Mist.

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