ALBUM REVIEW: Chaos – Attila

Hailing from Atlanta, the metalcore band ATTILA are either one you love or you hate. Their brand of mayhem is one filled with disrespect, angst, and a huge screw you to anyone and everyone, and that’s just not for some people. For those who want that, ATILLA are certainly the band. For their latest album, Chaos, they have gone back to their roots, recreated the scenarios of early days ATTILA to create their latest carnage.

Ignite kicks off the madness with a strong riff, a ‘mic check’, and a heavy drum beat. This quickly dissolves into Chris Fronzak (frontman) alternatively screaming, rapping, and singing throughout. As has become standard for ATTILA’s works, the clear statement not caring what others think is prevalent. The logic behind the name Ignite becomes clear through the lyrics “ignite the tracks” and “ignite the party” and it is a track which will see fans bouncing along. Public Apology starts off with a spoken ‘apology’ that quickly descends into a rap style narrative colourfully explaining they have no intention of changing with the usual array of profanity. Even inviting the listener to get offended by this song. So the usual ATTILA.  A true ATTILA song that any fan will be suitably enamoured with. It ends on the very telling “I’m so sorry, syke!”

Moshpit mixes things up a bit with an EDM introduction, courtesy of EDM star OOKAY. The general message is one that many rock and metal fans will understand: “you can find me in the moshpit”. Again it comes back to the idea of being unfairly judged by people who don’t understand the true extent of circumstances, something very prevalent in today’s society, but explained in Fronzak’s iconic manner. Again, Let’s Get Abducted starts off with a slightly unusual introduction for ATTILA, a creepy sort of vibe, very appropriate for a release so close to Halloween, then jumps into growls from Fronz and a forceful riff.  This song also features some rap inspired vocals, and a catchy riff, perfect for jumping along to.

Legend showcases several of ATTILA’s talents, from engaging lyrics, to a mad guitar solo, screams, singing and many others creating one of the most diverse songs on the album. It has more traditional singing on than most songs, but it really works, with a positive uplifting message, this song definitely has a place on the album. A song with many layers with all come together to make something great, a song the replay button is designed for. Queen is about sticking it to the man, being who you want to be no matter what anyone thinks or says, the well known ATTILA mantras. For the most part, the song is singing over a strong, repeated riff, with the odd verse of rap style singing. It feels like a filler song, with more repetitions that any other song on the album, and actually doesn’t add much. Whilst it’s not a bad song, but the album might be stronger without it, and the better lyrics saved for another song.

Chaos is a good album, containing all we know and love about ATTILA. It isn’t anything groundbreaking, ATTILA have found what they like and are sticking to it, not necessarily a criticism, jut an observation. Iconic Fronz style beat downs and a give ‘em hell attitude all reappear with the interesting addition of EDM star OOKAY, to create another strong album that fans will love.

Rating: 7/10

Chaos - Attila

Chaos is out now via SharpTone Records.

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