ALBUM REVIEW: Forever! – (hed) p.e.

(HED) P.E. create music that is of an obscure taste. And their new album Forever! is a classless and underwhelming mishmash.

It feels jumbled and forced, disconnected and unfortunately strewn with forgettable lyrics. It also seems that the band had no real agenda or plan when creating the record. The opus doesn’t fire up the musical senses either, or create any notable impulses. The band have tinkered too much with different genres, merging rap and rock with the addition of metal. The formula doesn’t work or serve a purpose, it doesn’t dazzle or enforce the listener to take notice.

Forever! is marked and flawed to the point of it crashing miserably into hands of mediocrity. There isn’t one moment when it feels like the record will kick into action, it has no bite. And it’s sad really, when a band think that the music has the right blend or earth shattering intensity. And there’s no bright spark. There’s no dreamy guitar line that will fix it all, and the chaos isn’t beautiful or enthralling, it’s marred. And those lyrics bash against the head in an annoying way, proving that the band have no poetic mastermind in their ranks.

The song-writing is unfocused and instantly crippled by the use of uninspiring expressions, phrases that are limp and loose, words that don’t gel or pass across any relevant meaning. They’re churned out and placed together with no thought process. And there’s definitely no rhythm or beat. Forever! produces no elements of surprise. Songs such as Closer and Waste are drawn from experiences, moments that should be forgotten about or dragged to back of the mind. The musicianship also seems non-existent on those tracks as well as the others. However, the guitar sequences are decent, but that’s all they have going for them. (HED) P.E. are a band that haven’t flourished on their new album Forever!

Rating: 3/10    

Forever! - (hed) p.e.


Forever! is set for release on July 22 via Pavement Entertainment.

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