ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Coffin – Hot Coffin

WORDS: Kei Pullar

With the addiction of ex DISGUSISED BY BIRDS singer Chris Chuzles providing his unique raspy vocals to HOT COFFIN’s no nonsense rock sound, the release of their self-titled second album is the band’s return with a heavier sound perfectly combining with their traditional punk rock style.

For all those unfamiliar with HOT COFFIN’s work, the four piece Milwaukee band are a mixture of many different sounds including; noise, sludge, punk and rock fused together to create undeniably catchy songs such as their new offerings on their upcoming self titled album.

Beginning with the song, Whistle, Hawk & Spit, drummer, Jon Kraft starts the song’s beat before the accompanying guitar and bass, courtesy of guitarist Christian Hansen and bassist Joe Kanack, change the tempo slightly -quickening as vocalist Chris Chuzles begins to sing- being the first display of just how much range HOT COFFIN has in the first seconds of their new album.

As the album progresses, whether it’s the slow beginning of Crush Depth, or the fast pace of the concluding song Ass To Ass, you never quite know what you are going to get as surprise tempo changes or intros that lead you to believe the song is going in one direction when in actuality its completely the opposite leaving you pleasantly surprised and intrigued to what you might hear next.

With all the surprises in store, the eight-song album doesn’t disappoint from start to finish, with each song bringing you a different sound for any mood you’re in. Whether you want a heavy punk rock track you can furiously tap your foot along to, such as False Positive or for something a little lighter, that will leave you swaying in no time just have a listen to A Lesson In Sleep.

As many songs resemble the changing, non consistent style and sound of sludge bands such as ACID BATH but with a smoother, softer tone, HOT COFFIN have used all skills of their four members to bring a much more fitting heavier sound then their previous work.

This release of their self titled album is the best of HOT COFFIN yet with them improving their sound and rightly distancing themselves from their past, as the replacement of old vocalist Sean Wiliamson in favour of Chris Chuzles, whose unique vocals seems to flow considerably more naturally with HOT COFFIN’s new style, has shown that HOT COFFIN are ready to take on the big leagues and can easily hold their own.

Rating: 8/10

The self titled album, Hot Coffin is out on April 1st 2016 via Triple Eye Industries.