ALBUM REVIEW: Kosmopoliturbo – Russkaja

Turbo Polka Metal band RUSSKAJA have returned in an absolutely delightful style with their brand new album Kosmpoliturbo. Their unusual yet groovy sound has been developed over time by introducing various styles from all different cultures especially their own Russian and Austrian to spread a little open-minded joy.

Kosmopoliturbo opens with a brilliant Ska-esque, Hey Road. It’s rather the upbeat introduction to RUSSKAJA‘s new addition, as it should be and it certainly opens up many doors as to where the album will lead and what journey the band will be taking us on this time around. One thing is for sure and that is the album is going to an epic tale to listen to.

One thing that always stands out with RUSSKAJA and has been previously mentioned is how they introduce various styles of music from different countries and entertain us with mixtures of different languages and cultures. Throughout their new album it shows that they have certainly hit new heights and it’s refreshing to be able to listen to something that has so much freedom and broadness about it. The band are well known for this but this new creation really is a clever example of bringing a bit of unity to something when it’s most certainly needed in this world.

Hello Japan is a prime example of how the band work in so many different sounds, it’s definitely one of the heavier songs on the album but it’s got a traditional Russian sound all with mixing in Ska and Metal. The idea of it might sound crazy and the outcome certainly is crazy but it’s fun and that’s what makes it great. Full Force Advance follows in suit of that, it begins feeling almost classical but as it progress it becomes more upbeat and whilst it is sung in German making it difficult to understand if you’re not knowledgeable in the language, you can sort of feel the story that is coming out of it because of how theatrical the entire song is.

Maremare is by far one of the most fundamental tracks on this album, it still follows suit of everything else but at the same time it’s just got something just that little bit more special about it that seems to complete Kosmopoliturbo in full. It’s one of those songs that would make you feel as though something is missing from the album if it wasn’t there and it’s certainly  one that helps a much wider audience understand and appreciate the Polka side in the music and be able to see just fun and fantastic it is.

Send You An Angel as a closing track is a perfect choice, this is where you truly see the talent of RUSSKAJA, throughout the album it’s been a fun journey and it’s been upbeat and there’s been so many influential aspects of it but this is a contrast of what the album has felt like but it’s still got everything that makes the sound the band have there. It just emphasises how much this band can do if it hasn’t been gathered already, they can turn a certain type of music that is in majority upbeat and make it sombre and a heartfelt ballad. This might not be the best RUSSKAJA album that they’ve released but it’s certainly the one that broadcasts their skills and abilities at its highest.

Kosmopoliturbo is an album that isn’t just good for listening to, it’s good in a sense of giving people a door into learning about different cultures, different music and traditions. It is bringing so much together and it’s certainly unique to be able to do that and be able to spread something so happy with it all as opposed to what we’re so used to hearing about. RUSSKAJA have shown that music is a beautiful way of uniting so many things and keeping it fun, the sounds that this band make are so fantastically out there.

Rating: 8/10

Kosmopoliturbo - Russkaja

Kosmopoliturbo is out August 4th via Napalm Records.

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Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.