ALBUM REVIEW: Lady In Gold – Blues Pills

Young, vibrant, and full of an unwavering evergy, multinational blues/rock band BLUES PILLS are back with a scorching number called Lady in Gold.

Hailing from…well all over the world, BLUES PILLS are relatively new kids on the block who have made a name for themselves as the ones who bring back the forgotten era. They are a band who merge classical soul with a modern vibe. Following from their massively successful self-titled debut record comes Lady In Gold. A sound more mature than their young years and a distinct writing quality which till set them apart from your average blues artist. They will make you reminisce and take you back to an easier time, a time when all you needed was friends, a guitar and a cold ole bottles of whiskey.

Starting as they mean to go on with the title track, we are led straight in to an evening at your local bar. A soundtrack to a blue grass evening with your local friends and their various mahogany instruments. It is a comforting feeling. Music taken right back to it’s roots. Continuing through the record we have high lights such as Bad Talkers and Rejection. Once again offering us a factor of relatability we so desire from our music.

Vocally Elin Larsson is strong, however there is a degree of vulnerability in her voice which offers a further dimension to their sound. She is confident but you know there is a soft side hiding in the shadows.

Though Lady In Gold is an impressive second album, there is a sense of room for improvement. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Any artist will develop over time and BLUES PILLS are no exception. This only heightens our anticipation for what is to come from these guys. The future looks increasingly bright.

Rating: 8/10

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold

Lady In Gold is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

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