ALBUM REVIEW: Mother Feather – Mother Feather

Having amassed a strong cult following in the seven years since forming, MOTHER FEATHER have finally unleashed their self titled debut album on the world. Luckily for fans it will have certainly been worth the wait and the album is almost guaranteed to make even more people sit up and take notice of MOTHER FEATHER. Despite being released through Metal Blade Records, Mother Feather is very different to their usual output but this is certainly an album people will want to go into with an open mind.

Opener Living, Breathing sets the tone perfectly for this album, it’s filled with a mix of rock and roll swagger and fuzzed up 90’s garage rock. Ann Courtney immediately grabs the listeners attention and her fantastic vocal performance continues throughout the entire album. Second track Mirror takes things down a bit before Natural Disaster brings a real stomp to proceedings with a riff that is certain to get heads banging. Following this is Trampoline which is when the album really drifts into pop territory but has tons of fun doing so. The chorus is so infectious it feels almost impossible not to be singing along by the end.

There are a few weaker moments in the second half of the album but these songs are still mostly enjoyable and don’t drag things down too much. Beach House in particular just doesn’t quite reach the high standards of the rest of the album. Things do pick back up with The Power which brings back all the attitude whilst still having tons of fun. They Tore Down The SK8 Park is probably the closest the album gets to a ballad which just adds a little more variety to proceedings and Egyptology ends the album on a high.

In terms of performances on the album, as mentioned earlier Ann Courtney really is the star delivering one of the most interesting and exciting vocal performances of the year. But the rest of the band are certainly no slouches and back her up perfectly. Guitarist Chris Foley in particular provides the perfect accompaniment to the vocals. Another real positive is that while MOTHER FEATHER do draw a lot of influences from older bands they never sound dated. This is a very modern take on old school rock and roll and that helps it feel very fresh and exciting.

Mother Feather is an incredibly strong debut album that looks set to really elevate the band. The album is sure to appeal to fans of several different genres so it will be surprising if MOTHER FEATHER don’t take off on the back of this. If this is what they can do on their first album then it looks like MOTHER FEATHER have a very bright future ahead of them.

Rating: 8/10

Mother Feather

Mother Feather is set for release on May 13th via Metal Blade Records. 

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