ALBUM REVIEW: Nightmare Logic – Power Trip

Being such a mongrel of a genre, thrash metal is able to work brilliantly with so many other styles. With its foot stuck firmly in the old punk rock sound of old means that adding a hardcore element into the songs is pretty easy, and with the combined speed and swagger that thrash metal oozes, it makes for a potent mix when done effectively. This is where POWER TRIP steps in, or rather kicks the fucking door down. Boasting a dynamism that most would be envious of, the Texan thrashers have created an album of such genuine intensity and enjoyment in Nightmare Logic that it’s almost impossible to listen to without the urge to simply erupt into frantic flailing.

The album begins with Soul Sacrifice, starting off with a strong riff before the album descends in a spiral of speed and aggression. With relentless blasts from the drums and the riffs chugging along at a matched speed it makes for a combination that will see you headbanging in synch without even realising. The momentum doesn’t let up, as early album highlight Executioner’s Tax is filled with a serious helping of proper thrash swagger and has no issue showing it off.

The speed, intensity and pressure the band apply doesn’t let up, with Firing Squad displaying POWER TRIP at their most feral before the more hardcore influenced title track highlights the Texans clear versatility when combining complimentary genres. One of the strongest things about Nightmare Logic is the thunderous rhythms that the band are bale to maintain with gusto during each song, the firm and unbreakable spine of each song, it’s the steadfast bass lines and chugging rhythm guitar that provides the album with its raw energy.

POWER TRIP do unfortunately fall foul to the issues that writing an album firmly fixed at 200mph brings. The album lasts a decent half an hour across its 8 songs, but the songs can become a blur of snare hits and power chords if you’re not paying attention. On the other hand, this album can very easily be placed on in the background whilst other things get done, as the freight train rhythms provide plenty of infectious energy. Whilst this minor gripe sees highlights a possible over arching issue of the band running themselves in a creative circle, the sounds on Nightmare Logic are so confident that those worries are quickly expelled.

By the time the album rounds off, there’s an incredibly high possibility of an immediate replay. POWER TRIP have created an effortlessly enjoyable record, that whilst simplistic in approach is filled with so much brandish confidence that it’s nigh on impossible not to be enthralled by it. POWER TRIP have sharpened their sound to a cutting edge with Nightmare Logic, and will have a bloody good time cutting you to shreds over the course of eight songs.

Rating: 9/10

Nightmare Logic - Power Trip

Nightmare Logic is out now via Southern Lord Records.

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