ALBUM REVIEW: Only For The Blinded Eyes – Among The Prey

WORDS: Robert Bieganski

Among The Prey is a melodic death metal band from Finland that was formed in 2013. Now they are ready and releasing their debut Album Only For The Blinded Eyes.

They have produced a solid metal album that has some influences that can be heard throughout the length of the album, but it is not shy from been its own thing that is really catchy and memorable. Simply does what good metal album should, sounding great. The album does seem bit short as its finishes within 35min with 9 songs, feeling like its missing a song or two.

Smile is the first track and it simply is a solid song with great riffs, memorable chorus and powerful. The vocals of Iiro Kuntsi are spot on, bringing the energy out to the song. They are not too harsh but very powerful.

Beyond Repair keeps the sound moving, another strong song that have yet again a memorable part, great vocals and none of the instruments clash sound wise. After we are done with the second song Only for the Blinded Eyes starts playing definitely a song that’s easy to head bang to, contains a couple changes in tempo that’s completely works well.

Burning down in Hell stands out more, it has a bit more melodic parts that are great to listen to. It also continues to uphold the standard the first few songs have set.

And like that very quickly we get to the half way point of the album at the song Pieces which starts a bit slower, within few seconds the song gets to the speed of other songs and just yet again good riffs and solid composition of the song by the artists.

Wake Up is another powerful song. Fast and with fun and great parts to listen too. It just finishes too fast. After that we have In Your Face, a good track but it is a bit weaker at parts with how memorable it is, except the chorus, which definitely is one thing the band is doing great, is making easy to sing along lyrics for choruses.

The eighth song on the album is Two Worlds Colliding here you will definitely hear at the begging some similarities to certain vocalist style that was an influence. But other than that the song itself combined with the vocals works really well. Yet again creating a song that’s easy to remember and enjoyable to listen to.

That brings us to the last song Dancing on our Graves it’s a good song to finish the album, keeping the pace that previous songs have already established, but having a bit slower in tempo as well it’s a last song. And to be honest the song finishes the album quite nicely.

Only For The Blinded Eyes is a great piece of music, it doesn’t bring necessarily anything too new to the table but it does bring a solid and polished metal songs that are great to listen to.

Rating: 6/10

Only For The Blinded Eyes is available now via Inverse Records.