ALBUM REVIEW: Remnants of Expansion – Krypts

The mighty Finnish death-doom combo KRYPTS return with their second brand new full length album Remnants of Expansion. KRYPTS are hailing from Helsinki, Uusimaa, starting there death doom metal journey back in 2008 since then have released one demo, one EP and soon to be two full length albums and they still continue to decimate our ears with their low down deep guitar sounds, slow pounding and fast, destructive drum sounds, either way the sound produced through the instruments definitely makes KRYPTS one of the heavier bands in today’s doom and death metal scenes.

The first song on this album is called Arrow of Entropy, it starts off by fading in with a lengthy atmospheric power chord as it gets louder a build-up drum beat begins to play alongside. This is then accompanied by a very low, heavy and deep riff which is then followed by Antti Kotiranta‘s devastating growls that rumbles perfectly alongside this spectacular introduction. The song then peaks and hits hard straight into one of KRYPTS heavier Death metal segments completely changing the pace and flow of the song with a great use of the double bass drum, until jumping straight back into the slower crushing sound. Ultimately finishing the same way it started by simply fading out, perfect song to kick off this vicious album.

The next song and second track on the album is called The Withering Titan, the song starts off with very atmospheric throat singing before plummeting into a dark and wicked sounding riff that could make anyone’s head begin to bounce. The band then picks up the speed and hits the listener with double kicks and hefty growls making the song sound extremely evil. Another great feature in this song are the moments of blast beats which really help the song sound much more diverse, helping the band expand on the death metal perspective.

This next song and title track of the album Remnants of Expansion, this is definitely the slowest and eeriest song on the album, with very slow drums, heavy droning guitars and a ghostly sounding melodic riff that sends chills down the spine as well as rumbling through the depths of some place very dark, this all makes for one of the best and most emotionally provoking sound on the album.

The overall sound hasn’t changed drastically since their previous release but possibly focusing a little bit more towards the doom portion of the music which only helps KRYPTS to produce a unique sound, creating this monstrous hybrid it is attracting two different audiences. Never the less this album is set to come out 28/10/16 on Dark Descent Records and will truly be one to look out for. Prepare your ears.

Rating: 9/10

Remnants of Expansion - Krypts

Remnants of Expansion is out now via Dark Descent Records. 

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