ALBUM REVIEW: Semente – Sinistro

Portuguese doom band, SINISTRO, have emerged with their new album, Semente. The term doom with SINISTRO however, can be very loosely tied to the bands experimental and unique sounds, almost making it very difficult to categorise them into a specific genre, something that possibly makes this album and band that little bit more endearing.

It holds a lot of different genres, a lot of different influences and they mix them together with a very enchanting feel. It is clear to see how the five-piece work their magic throughout each individual track. Intro track, Partida, is exactly where it should be. It opens up a door into another realm of different sounds that can only make it that more fascinating to want to listen as the album progresses. It begins dark and doom-like, however when the vocals of Patricia Andrade sweep in, you are taken to a more relaxing place. She uses a soft gentle tone to her voice that captures such a dark feeling, she has the incredible talent to create such an eerie vibe with such an appealing, calm vocal range.

Even as every other song opens up, it feels as though once again, a new door has opened. The sound that SINISTRO have is very cinematic, yet it can fold into a dark emotional tone that not many could pull off as well as this band have. Semente certainly has a very artistic sound; distinct and recognisable if exposed before, but cannot be replicated by another.

Corpo Presente, is a song that really stands out. It holds a very eastern feel with the vocals, yet the music behind takes on a completely different style and sound, creating this infusion that should not work but it does effortlessly. Each song holds similarities, it has a stillness to it that can make a pin drop heard but its abilities to do that are so powerful, almost counteracting each other. Despite the similarities, each is easily distinguishable, creating a different visual and absence all at the same time.

Reliquia is the one song that starts as though it should be one of the heavier songs on the album, however as it steadies its balance; it is by far the most powerful in terms of beauty and emotion. Whilst the lyrics are not understandable to anybody who does not speak their native language, they are talented and elegant enough to be able to get that attention from you and that is something unique and rare. It almost has a LANA DEL RAY feeling to it but at the same time, that of a female fronted DEFTONES, even with the drastic genre changes, SINISTRO still get it to work spot on.

Without a doubt, SINISTRO are one of the most unique bands out there on the rock and metal spectrum. As you listen, you can hear so many of these influences and styles coming out of the cracks, from KATE BUSH, DAVID BOWIE, DEFTONES, FAITH NO MORE and so many others that are a generalized mix and they have got that infusion of sounds and tones working so well it cannot be flawed.

Semente is a ridiculously strong album; the vulnerability that is captured in every song makes it that way. It gives it a sense of strength and empowerment when in reality is should be an album that does not have that, but that is what makes it so special as a piece of art. Experimental bands and records can go one way or the other, but there is something on this album tied in for fans of so many genres it would be very difficult to push it away. It is relaxing but beyond emotional, everything counteracts each other but it has such an equal blend that it does not, it flows together so elegantly. It is an all-round incredible album, it will have its flaws like every album but you got so lost in the music that it is easily moved past. Semente is a beautiful creation, it is art and it is power.

Rating: 9/10

Sinistro Semente

Semente is out now via Season of Mist

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Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.