ALBUM REVIEW: Zaul Mos – Syn Ze Sase Tri

SYN ZE SASE TRI have returned with their latest album, Zaul Mos. The Transylvanian black metal outfit who bring elements of pagan, folk, and atmospheric metal into their rough black metal base gained a significant following over the years, with their improvement crystal clear in each proceeding release. With their fourth album on the cusp of release, what have SYN ZE SASE TRI done with it to make it special, and have they continued to ascend the black metal hierarchy?

Tarimu’de Lumia opens the record, and you can immediately sense that Zaul Mos is going to be a strong record. Wasting no time with intro tracks, SYN ZE SASE TRI offer a 10 minute concoction of pure black metal riffs and vocals, emotionally captivating melodies, and more dramatic folk sections than could be expected in one varied track. The spoken word sections part way through the song add flavour and intrigue, while providing a nice break before the song takes a significantly more frantic turn towards the end. It certainly is a surprising and enticing track, and sets the bar quite high for the rest of the record.

The next few tracks on the album take a more fast-paced approach, and have a lot more pure black metal influences, with slight symphonic elements to capture your attention. All of this is executed well, with choir-like backing vocals supporting the symphonic elements before vocalist Șuier bursts in with black metal rasps and Corb providing lower growls for a nice bit of variety. Solu’ Zeilor is perhaps one of the strongest tracks on the record, with galloping riffs and tremolo guitar work from Moș providing the backbone for what could be a battle anthem. It’s fierce and gets the blood pumping. Other tracks on the record aren’t quite as memorable as those already mentioned, however the tracks that do stand out are incredibly impressive from SYN ZE SASE TRI.

Just when you think the record is over, Cocosii Negri chimes in. This track is quite possibly the best song of SYN ZE SASE TRI’s discography to date, with its devastating drum work from Dor providing the support for uplifting and almost triumphant riffs from Corb and Mos. After the first section, you take a step back as clean vocals break over a simple drum beat and backing instrumentals. It’s an incredibly emotionally pulling section, which builds in intensity and magnitude as an acoustic guitar is introduced before the vocals also intensify over a guitar solo. Eventually, the initially quiet and peaceful section transforms completely into an incredibly uplifting contribution from the whole band, which is an awesome thing to hear. Screams end the track on a high note, and finish the track off amazingly.

Zaul Mos is, overall, a solid addition to SYN ZE SASE TRI‘s discography, and arguably their strongest record yet. Becoming a more well-rounded outfit that bring a fine balance of folk and melodic elements alongside their signature pagan black metal vibe, the layers of complexity added within Zaul Mos are enticing and incredibly entertaining to listen to. While some of the songs could have been shorter or slightly different in some sections to avoid sounding monotonous, it’s still a strong record, with Cocosii Negri being one of the best songs they’ve ever written.

Rating: 7/10

Zaul Mos - Syn Ze Sase Tri

Zaul Mos is out now via Code666.

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