ALBUM REVIEW: The Root Of Man – Anti-Clone

UK nu-metallers ANTI-CLONE are cementing themselves within the metal scene in fine fashion following the release of their debut album The Root Of Man. The Boston band started to gather attention with their 2014 EP, Hands Sewn Together, which has led to them becoming one of the most exciting prospects in UK metal.

The Root Of Man immediately is an attention grabber when the luring sounds of the title track begin. Despite only being a minute and a half in length, it is a compelling set up for Deracinated and the darkest depths in which the album clambered from.

The track has a kinship to 1999-era SLIPKNOT, The raw, anguish-fuelled vocals combined with the fear inducing instrumentation creates a song with a powerful statement which cannot be branded as emulation of the metal legends. It’s a cleverly crafted song, packed with unique nuances which sets the bar high for the remainder of the album.

SwitchBlade kicks in with a no holds barred attitude. There is more groove in the track, and even a death metal influence to combat against the nu-metal components, creating a ferocious blend of genres.

Following on is A Sight For Sewn Eyes, which has a Marilyn Manson vibe, particularly within the clean vocals. The haunting melodies combined with the downtempo jagged guitar is compelling, whilst leaving you desiring more.

B9 is layered with pure noise – every instrument is catered for in making the track sound as ravenous as possible. The gradual crescendo in the sinisterly executed vocal line “This is not what you want, this is not what I want” is the lure before the explosion of every instrument, playing like their lives depend on it.

Twisted Neck can be paired with metal legends KORN, with there being some similarities to their self titled (Korn) and Life Is Peachy albums. Although slower in tempo than KORN‘s older output, the vocals and syncopated drumming patterns interwoven in the guitar and bass bring out that recognisable element.

Mechanical Heart kicks off with an electronic drum beat and a high-end guitar motif which develops into a twin guitar riff. Undoubtedly the most unique track on the album, not fitting into place with the rest of The Root Of Man, it certainly has the largest nu-metal feel, and is it hard to restrain from jumping up and down in this early 2000s flashback.

The album doesn’t wither for a second, especially when Feed The Machine kicks in. “Bring out your dead, feed the machine” will be one of the catchiest, repetitive hooks in music this year. ANTI-CLONE‘s ability to create nu-metal music of this calibre is unparalleled, and with the UK influence flowing through, Feed The Machine is a prime example of modern nu-metal at its finest.

ComaSpace slows the pace of The Root Of Man down for an instance. The album loses any occurrence of nu-metal and death metal and is a song full of passion. Despite not being as sonically impressive as the preceding tracks, ComaSpace demonstrates ANTI-CLONE‘s ability to switch the pace up and down.

Astaroth is another pure example of the influence SLIPKNOT have had on the genre. However ANTI-CLONE capture their own essence is this circle pit inspiring track.

The album concludes with Sentinel, a seven minute epic. ANTI-CLONE do not allow any breathing time throughout The Root Of Man, and Sentinel is a perfect example of the perpetual barrage that the band has instilled. The entirety of the track is an expedition of its own, taking you through every section in ANTI-CLONE‘s arsenal.

After listening to The Root Of Man, it is inevitable that ANTI-CLONE will blow up and become the next big band in nu-metal. The Root Of Man is a masterclass in metal music and there would never be an association of a band’s infancy within its 11 tracks. The album is a pristine combination of nu-metal’s sentimental values, and raw, unprecedented modern heavy music.

Rating: 9/10


The Root Of Man can be bought on April 29 via PHD (Plastic Head Distribution)

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