ALBUM REVIEW: The Suffering – Dawn Of Demise

Death metal is a genre that is constantly evolving with a diversification of sounds, styles and influences. To help with this growth, Danish death metal band DAWN OF DEMISE are set to release their fourth full length studio album, The Suffering on 26th August. Will this album exceed expectations?

The album opens with Sadistic Gratification and from the off the album makes its intent known with the crushing riffs from Martin K. Sørensen and Astór Kristian Palsson and exhilarating vocals from Scott M. Jensen. Menacing solo bass line intervals are well used to progress into different sections of powerful tremolo picking and aggressive percussion and helps to build anticipation to the listener. Amongst the wrath, there’s the odd bit where there’s a real sense of groove that avails the listeners engagement. A great start to the album.

Album titled song; The Suffering takes a slower approach, but by no means falls short. It is impossible to sit through this song without at least tapping your foot or bobbing your head a little. It sounds as if instrument technicality has taken a back seat, however it sounds as if all efforts have been focused on creating a sombre, intense sound, and is rounded off by the deep, unrelenting vocals from Jensen.

The fifth track, The Process of Killing is a catchy one, aided by the simplicity in the instrumentals and the repetition of lyrics. The track is nicely balanced with enough variations in the pace to enable you to stay hooked and further into the song, a sweet guitar solo makes an appearance which is a great touch.

As the record progresses we are treated to more of the same and demonstrations on how heavy death metal can be. Track eight, A Malignant Condition throws you straight in the deep end, there’s no choppy, syncopated intro to ease you in like the other tracks, and instead you are faced with sheer carnage, brutal riffs and colossal vocals from the off. There is nothing that comes to mind that could improve this track, DAWN OF DEMISE have really executed an immense sound here. Furthermore, The Suffering is brought to a close with track eleven; Deify the Outrageous with the aid of quality riffs and bountiful amounts of syncopation.

Overall, DAWN OF DEMISE have created a super album that with no doubt leads to copious amounts of head banging. A little bit more technicality would have made this album even better, as it felt like some new ideas needed to be introduced in parts. Nevertheless, The Suffering is a great listen and is highly recommended to any death metal fan out there.

Rating: 8/10

The Suffering - Dawn of Demise

The Suffering is out now via Unique Leader Records.

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