ALBUM REVIEW: Worldwide Warfare – Necrotted

The German death metal outfit, NECROTTED, are back with their third full length album, Worldwide Warfare. The band soared in popularity after the release of their album Utopia 2.0, which bagged them a slot on Summer Breeze Open Air and sparked a number of tour dates for them. In the three years since that record, how have NECROTTED worked on their craft, and what do they have to offer with Worldwide Warfare?

The first thing you pick up with Worldwide Warfare is that it isn’t your plain old death metal record. There may well be a lot of traditional death metal packed in there, but there are also nods to slam and brutal death in places, which make it a more interesting listen. Drummer Markus Braun performs excellently on Worldwide Warfare, offering blast beats that pound your ears and give you that intensity you crave when you listen to death metal of this ilk. All ten of the tracks on this just over 35-minute record are very strong, and really show off the time that NECROTTED have taken to work on their art over their three-year gap since Utopia 2.0.

The Lost Ones stands out as one of the most impressive tracks on the record by a mile. The ominous guitar intro with explosions in the background create a tense atmosphere before vocals kick in, followed by an onslaught of frantic riffs and blast beats.  It happens at just the right time to grip you, and the track alternates between this mayhem and more broken-down sections from guitarists Phillipp Fink and Johannes Wolf which only adds to the appeal. Slight melodic sections towards the end of the track also add a level of complexity and demonstrate the band’s talent. Another standout track on Worldwide Warfare is Unity Front.

Worldwide Warfare does, however, fall flat in some places. The penultimate track to the record, Babylon, doesn’t quite hit the mark compared to the other tracks on the album and is one of the weakest on there. There is also a sense of monotony in some places of the album, which, if anything, helps showcase the standout tracks on the record such as Our Domination. While Our Domination may have a similar pattern to the other tracks, the underlying layers make it stand out and appeal a lot more to the ears. The final track on the record, Forlorn Planet, is an excellent ending to this album, as it opens with a slow riff followed by Fabian’s single growl before picking up the pace. Again, it may not sound wholly dissimilar from the other tracks on the album, but the little differences noticed in each track make them stand out.

Overall, Worldwide Warfare is a solid death metal record from a band that have become known for offering strong riffs and plenty of in-your-face aggression, while covering thought-provoking themes. While it may not be genre-breaking or particularly outstanding, it’s definitely some of NECROTTED‘s best work, and Worldwide Warfare would be a welcome recommendation to any death metal fan who needs their next fix of aggressive, all-out riffs. Clearly a band on the rise, it will be interesting to see where NECROTTED take themselves next after Worldwide Warfare.

Rating: 7/10

Worldwide Warfare - Necrotted

Worldwide Warfare is out now via Rising Nemesis Records.

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