ALBUM REVIEW: You’re Not You Anymore – Counterparts

You’re Not You Anymore is the fifth album from Canadian melodic hardcore band COUNTERPARTS. After undergoing significant line up changes in the past year they are now back with a new full length. The band have gradually been rising up the ranks within melodic hardcore and metalcore. So is this album capable of taking them a step further?

You’re Not You Anymore is an incredibly intense album. COUNTERPARTS have always been a deeply emotional band and this album just cranks things up to new levels. Guitars hit harder and Brendan Murphey‘s poignant lyrics conjure up such powerful images. Opener Bouquet sets the tone for the album, frantic drumming and riffing bombard the listener after the brief intro track Walk Away Slowly. The songs main hook of “I find it hard to feel alive when my heart beats in borrowed time” is a great example of the strong imagery Brendan is able to conjure up with his lyrics. The touches of melody to the music make for a nice contrast to the metallic riffs but also allow those riffs to just hit harder.

Some tend to criticise melodic hardcore for being a bit wet but that does not apply here in the slightest. No Servant Of Mine features hard hitting guitars and punchy drumming. Whilst Thieves is 76 seconds of pure hardcore aggression. The song arrives midway through the album and just pummels the listener round the head, it’s easily the heaviest song COUNTERPARTS have written. The final breakdown is guaranteed to whip pits into a frenzy when played live.

The standout track on the album comes in Swim Beneath My Skin. Again this song really showcases Brendan‘s ability to come out with some incredibly powerful lyrics. They might often be cryptic but they are able to create such strong images for the listener. And the mosh call “You are the blood that my heart bleeds” really does stand out on an album filled with powerful lyrics.

With the majority of the line up being new this time round, it’s impressive how well they have all gelled together. The new members all bring something to the album with new drummer Kyle Brownlee adding an extra flair to the drumming. But Brendan really is the standout on this album. As a vocalist he has always been impressive but the intensity to his performance this time excels far beyond what he’s done before. As mentioned before his lyrics are a huge part of this album and that they come from a real place gives the album a real genuine feeling. The final moments of the album have him pouring out his soul as the music builds around him. Hopefully this album will give him the recognition he deserves as his performance here really does standout.

At only 28 minutes long, You’re Not You Anymore whips by that’s its hard not to feel like you want more. There isn’t a single second of filler here and the quality of the songs is so good its a shame its over so quickly. COUNTERPARTS are clearly a band who are growing with each passing release whilst not losing sights of their roots. This album will certainly please long term fans whilst hopefully bringing in new ones. 2017 has been a particularly strong year for hardcore and this album sits nicely near the top of the more melodic side of the genre.

Rating: 9/10 

You're Not You Anymore - Counterparts

You’re Not You Anymore is set for release on September 22nd via Pure Noise Records.

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