Avenged Sevenfold release cover of ‘God Only Knows’

Avenged Sevenfold have released a cover of God Only Knows!

Originally by THE BEACH BOYS in 1966, the band’s version of God Only Knows is the fifth track to be released as part of the expansion of the bands 2016 album, The Stage. The band have already released covers of Retrovertigo [MR. BUNGLE] and Runaway [DEL SHANNON] as well as original track Dose.

Speaking about the new cover, vocalist M. Shadows says: “Of all these new songs we’ve recorded, this one was the most difficult in terms of figuring out an arrangement. Figuring out the middle vocal melodies was also challenging. We wanted to make the song a little darker by adding a flanger and some haunting vocal nuances. The Beach Boys have always been an influence, so it was fun to tackle this one from arguably the best album of all time, ‘Pet Sounds.’”

Listen to the cover of God Only Knows here: 

The band recently announced that they are transforming their seventh album, The Stage, into an evolving body of work by adding new tracks over the coming months.

The Stage is out now via Capitol Records. 

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