Barrabus announce debut album

BARRABUS are back and have announced their debut full-length album!

The self-titled album, scheduled to be released in June this year, marks the band’s return after exploding onto the UK rock circuit as main support to SIKTH and MY RUIN. Recalling the initial demise, frontman Paul Catten says, “we did the MY RUIN shows and the SIKTH shows but then Dan [Marshall, ex-BARRABUS drummer] got pissed off with it, and Mark [Seddon, BARRABUS guitarist] and I started doing our project THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT. Basically, I like to keep moving. With the SONATARAN thing I had the idea of making the world’s most extreme, noisy band, but now ten years later, everyone’s got some extreme electronics in their doom! So we lost out by being too early. But back then, BARRABUS just dwindled. We recorded a demo, just to see how the songs were sounding, and we did a couple more songs on an 8-track and put them on YouTube. We didn’t think any more of it, to be honest, because BARRABUS was still basically a side-project to what we were doing in MURDER ONE.”

Alongside the announcement of their debut record, the band has also revealed a brand new song titled Porn. Speaking about the band’s return and focus, Catten says, “we’ve got a new drummer, Adam [Evans], and the first time we set foot in a rehearsal studio again, we smashed through the set and it felt fucking great to be singing in a band again. But we’re well into writing the second album now, so we can back this one up straight away. I’m actually really looking forward to getting out and doing some gigs. So that’s BARRABUS. We’ll still be wearing suits. We’ll still be swearing at the audience. We’re just fatter and older!”

Listen to Porn here:

Barrabus is set for release on June 9th via Undergroove Records.

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