Body Count release impactful video for ‘No Lives Matter’

ICE-T‘s BODY COUNT have made a powerful return with the release of their brand new track, No Lives Matter.

The rap metal collective are back with their latest scathing song, No Lives Matter and have revealed that they will be releasing their new album Bloodlust on March 31st via Century Media Records. Check out the potent music video for No Lives Matter here:

BODY COUNT, who have always been known for voicing their opinions on real life matters in their music, speak about the world being ready for the band’s upcoming album, Bloodlust:

“Music happens in climates, groups like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and KORN were born when the world was in turmoil, then music went into this delusional period where hip-hop became about nothing more than poppin’ bottles. Now we have impending doom again, racism is at an all-time high and it’s our season again. This is the optimal time for a BODY COUNT record.”

Bloodlust is set to be released on March 31st via Century Media Records.

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