Broken Hope release video for ‘Outback Incest Clan’

BROKEN HOPE have released a new music video!

The video, for the track Outback Incest Clan, is taken from the band’s album Mutilated and Assimilated which was released back in June. Speaking about the song and new video, guitarist Jeremy Wagner says, “What’s in a name? Our song titles usually say a lot, and Outback Incest Clan should tell you what’s in store. I got the idea for the subject matter straight from our sick vocalist, Damian Leski, who has can given me a few lyrical ideas. This song is based on TRUE EVENTS! I’ll give you the Wikipedia lowdown: It’s about the ‘Colt family incest case,’ dubbed by media as the ‘Colt incest clan,’ an Australian family discovered in 2012 to have been engaging in four generations of incest beginning with ‘Tim and June Colt,’ a brother and sister who emigrated from New Zealand in the 1970s. The family grew to nearly 40 members ranging from grandparents to mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, nephews, brothers and sisters all engaging in various forms of incest. Many of the children suffered from deformities and medical problems. The video was another collaboration between director Tommy Jones and BROKEN HOPE and we love the way this one played out with Tommy’s cool camera angles and the creepiness he injected into it. Enjoy!”

Watch the official music video for Outback Incest Clan below: 

Mutilated and Assimilated is out now via Century Media Records. 

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