Desolate Horizon ‘Rise From The Ashes’ EP Review



Describing themselves as a fusion of Slayer, Evile and Metallica Desolate Horizon are the latest band to emerge under the resurgence of thrash metal. Their 2013 release of their debut EP, Rise From The Ashes, promises to pack an almighty punch. But for a genre that has steadily become stagnated with countless bands that all strive to keep the thrash metal sound, will Desolate Horizon stand out from the crowd and fly the thrash metal flag high?

For a band that have only just have emerged on the Manchester metal scene the level of musical quality from the four-piece is absolutely superb. Instrumental opener Dehumanizer sets the tone for the rest of the EP; fast and ferocious thrash metal. The guitar work is rapid and played to pin-point precision whilst the drumming feels equivalent to machine gun fire. It’s heavy and stupidly brilliant. For example, the riff fused with consistent drum kicks in A New Beginning just encourages a serious case of whiplash.

The characteristics of thrash metal aren’t particularly difficult to grasp but Desolate Horizon have strived not only to meet these characteristics but to surpass them. Typically, thrash metal demands vocal performances that deliver sheer power and the combination of Ryan Marshall and Josh Bellos’ vocals creates a truly impressive sound.

For a genre that is so over-populated it is incredibly difficult for emerging bands to deliver a fresh sound. Desolate Horizon have created a truly magical EP that breathes fresh air into a stale genre of heavy metal. It is testament to the view that heavy metal is more alive than ever.