Distorted Sound ISSUE 5-cover

The latest issue of Distorted Sound Magazine is here!

Death metal has always been one of metal’s most consistent sub-genres and Suffocation has always been of death metal’s most consistently brilliant bands. It’s quite remarkable that they are still going after all this time and still producing high-octane, gut-wrenching filth.

That’s why they are on the cover, we go in depth with bassist Derek Boyer about how Suffocation can keep going and what fans can look forward to. Issue 5 continues our new style and it’s bigger and better than ever! Absolutely jam-packed full of great stuff. To Chris Broderick’s new band Act of Defiance, AHAB’s doom driven assault to UK rising stars Heart of a Coward and a whole stack of records reviewed by the team. So enjoy!




Distorted Sound Issue 24 COVER