EP REVIEW: Bathos – Aborted

Belgian gore enthusiasts ABORTED are not a band to rest on their accomplishments, constantly pushing the envelope to further develop their finely crafted barrage of unwavering technical mastery. The latest example comes in the form of 2 track release Bathos which will be due for digital download via Century Media Records on July 7th.

The five piece waste little time making their intentions known on opening title track Bathos as the introduction sounds atmospheric and ominously sinister before diving head first into thunderously frantic drumming and the unmistakable signature sounding combination of raspy screeching and guttural assaults courtesy of their ever present founding talisman Sven De Caluwe which has become instantly distinguishable throughout their 20+ year career. Ken Bedene never ceases to astound with his lightning quick limbs providing the perfect backbone to the unravelling anarchy. Accompanying track Fallacious Crescendo does not extend as much courtesy as its predecessor firing straight into intricately laced savagery proving exactly why ABORTED are on top of their game and are meticulously bombarding you with material maintaining a frighteningly high level of musicianship which shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

It has taken a lot of persistence and determination for ABORTED to begin to finally put some cracks in that ever present glass ceiling and begin to receive the credit that has been so long over due for a band this deep into their career. Despite their many lineup changes over the course of their history they have always stuck to their agenda and there are very few bands which have managed to achieve such a level of consistency album after album. If the clinical prowess of Bathos is anything to go by it is only a matter of time until they are revered as much as the most dedicated bands on the death metal circuit.

Rating: 9/10

Bathos - Aborted

Bathos is set for release on July 7th via Century Media Records.

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