EP REVIEW: From The Depths – Cleanse The Hive

The UK metal scene is currently enjoying it’s most fruitful period. With quality bands emerging across the country, the quality of the UK’s exports has risen to a level of sheer excellence. The result of this explosion is that for emerging bands, the competition has never been tougher. Enter CLEANSE THE HIVE, a five piece from Scotland boasting influence from some of the scene’s strongest bands, from WHITECHAPEL to LAMB OF GOD, with their debut EP From The Depths. Does this EP inject the scene with fresh life?

Opening with Eviscerate, the tone and mood is instantly set. Crushing riffs and a monstrous vocal delivery. Slow and pounding riffs set the stage before exploding into life with whirlwind riffs and vocal deliveries that match the best of the best. A strong start indeed. The speed is intense and there’s dabbles of deathcore thrown into the mix in the guitar play to keep things interesting.

Cities of Gold nods to the deathcore of old in several ways. Leading from a distinct note from bassist John Campbell, the track’s mesmerising riff builds momentum before Callum Hutchinson unleashes pig squeals, a trait rarely seen in extreme music nowadays. It’s enough of a throwback to entice nostalgia for the first wave of deathcore and whilst it feels a little silly, the squeals are incorporated into the sound remarkably well, giving the track extra depth. What reinforces this is a rather surprise inclusion of synth before roaring back into the trademark riff pattern. It’s these subtle touches that really showcase the versatility of CLEANSE THE HIVE‘s abilities.

The Reign of Tyrant‘s introduction is incredibly catchy from the get go. Opening with a slick drum beat before unfolding into slick riffing really showcases the talents of guitarists Jordan Pacitti and Glen McMillan. However the real star of the show on this track is vocalist Callum Hutchinson who deliveries slick growls and snarls with absolute ease. There are moments like this where it’s hard to believe this is the band’s debut EP, boasting true musical professionalism. And whilst the track drags slightly towards it’s conclusion, it isn’t enough to detract from the crushing delivery the band are striving to create.

Title track, From The Depths, again continues to build upon the relentless delivery of crushing metal experienced form the start of the EP. Slick riffs yet again pound the eardrums and the rhythm is executed at a balanced pace, enabling the head to bounce along easily. It’s a satisfying track, with enough technicality in the guitar work to impress those with a taste for the technical aspects of extreme music.

Closing the EP, Terror Rising showboats the talents of drummer Greig Hadden with a intriguing rhythm and the eerie isolated guitar work in the verses adds an extra level of depth to CLEANSE THE HIVE‘s locker. With a chorus that is both intoxicating and utterly devastating, this track was born for the live stage and backed with a truly menacing breakdown, the track serves a fitting end to an EP full of character.

In a scene that is so overcrowded, CLEANSE THE HIVE have truly done a spectacular job with From The Depths. The delivery is superb, the musicianship is tight and the end product is 20 minutes of truly relentless extreme music. And whilst there are moments where the EP falters, the overall listening experience is truly enjoyable. This EP has given the Scottish five piece a perfect platform to make a name for themselves in the UK metal scene.

Rating: 8/10

Cleanse The Hive - From The Depths Cover

From The Depths is out now.

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