EP REVIEW: We Make Our Own Damn Luck – Autumn Ruin

AUTUMN RUIN pledge their all to the sound of crashing guitars. The band from Manchester, also have it all figured out. Lead singer Alistair Carrington sprays his emotive words like graffiti on the wall of purpose, creating fables and story-lines. And the band as a whole, certainly know how to play hooky, punchy, and pulsating music that is instantly pleasing. They seem to care too.

Classifying their music as an homage to the people that stand and listen, that give their time to the cause. Fans are everything to a band, they’re the true bloodline. And if a band loses the strong faithful, they fall to pieces. But, AUTUMN RUIN have followers, people that respect and love the art that the band are producing.

Producing art is gratifying. AUTUMN RUIN seem to be having fun while doing so. And they’ve certainly showcased that they’re determined to make the best art possible. By not just plodding away, but actually placing together the music piece by piece, act by act. It’s all worth it in the end. The EP is called We Make Our Own Damn Luck and it’s an emotional record. It begins with the title track. A rock song that instantly sticks in the head. The guitars are brilliantly worked, played with venom and velocity.

Carrington sings with sheer passion, pushing his vocals to the limit. Rewrite starts with an acoustic tinge until the massive chorus breaks through. It’s an infectious track, modelled on the alternative rock genre. Carrington’s vocals are yet again elevated to the top line. Forward opens beautifully with vocals of the highest order. The chorus is colossal and the emotion is admirable. AUTUMN RUIN are a gracious band. Their music is solid and emotionally tinged. They also play with heart and soul, committing to the music, never straying away from where they have come from.

Rating: 8/10 

We Make Our Own Damn Luck - Autumn Ruin


We Make Our Own Damn Luck is out now via Square State Records. 

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