EP REVIEW: The New Breed – The New Breed

For fans of high energy, good old fashioned rock and roll, with a hard feel and an edge, THE NEW BREED are a band that should definitely be on your radar. The self titled debut EP hits the scene, and it hits it hard.

Kicking off as the band’s first song Soul Train is a blast into that real Rock and Roll is- funky riffs, thumping bass, snapping snares and crashing symbols. It’s a heaty song with a great vocal lead from J Micheal Ward, taking a strong standpoint that gives enough room for his band mates to create a cascade of heavy Rock rhythms around him.

For fans of AC/DC or GUNS AND ROSES, the second output of the EP will be an absolute belter. If fact, for those who just enjoy full loaded Rock music, this track doesn’t disappoint. Tom Mackay and David MacBryde clearly have a blast with the riffs on this one, and the tight ensemble of drum and bass courtesy of Mike Whitmore and Joe Wilcock respectively makes for a really great tune.

Get Some is a chugging, funky and full of deefy riffs, this is a tune the likes of BLACK STONE CHERRY, CROBOT or BLACKBERRY SMOKE might put out. Get Some has a whole lot to offer, for those looking to rock out or those trying to find something surprising in a very young group of men. It’s impressive the standard of musicianship at this stage in their career, and can only bode well for their further efforts down the line.

Heartbreaker is deeper, darker and more brooding than the rollercoaster of tunes offered up previously. There’s still, however, clearly a signature sound coming through the various facets of THE NEW BREED, which makes this song feel less like a generic Rock love-ballad and really earns it’s place on this EP.

Finally, Black Seas, High Tide is a slow burner, with easy riffs and a cool-as feel something with the confidence of Josh Homme. This is a lazy day, bad ass song that kicks in right at the end, and with the summer coming just around the corner, it’s fair to say that this song and the EP as a whole should be on your BBQ or driving playlist. Ward can clearly level his voice to suit different tempos, and this composition of musicians is a sure winner.

Taking a sound that usually comes from a hotter, harsher place, these guys from Cheshire are in fact full of surprises. THE NEW BREED have come in as a force to be reasoned with, with youth on their side, high energy at their disposal and buckets of unique elements gives THE NEW BREED a unique voice in the UK Heavy Rock scene.

Rating: 8/10

The New Breed

The New Breed is out now.

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