FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Lords of the Land

Lords of the Land, Glasgow’s independent extreme metal festival, returns this year with another promising line-up. With the Barrowland Ballroom being one of the city’s most accommodating venues, April’s ‘all-dayer’ is definitely worth attending. Aiming to become the biggest of Scottish metal festivals, Lords of the Land offers a variety of black, death, and thrash. Bringing big names to the lovable city, over 70% of tickets have been sold. This growing event, hosting bands from inside and outside of the UK, is becoming one of 2017’s most anticipated events in the British heavy metal community. In Distorted Sound’s full preview, we’ll give you a break-down of the line-up, proving why this year’s Lords of the Land is definitely not to be missed.

AUTOPSY – Headliner

In 2009, AUTOPSY managed to come back stronger than ever following their disbanding in 1995. The death metal legends return to the UK as main headliner for this year’s fest. By combining traditional death metal with doom-influenced riffs, the band have managed to create a heavier, more distinctive sound. Whilst the band don’t tour as much as fans wish they would, AUTOPSY are also known for their unique live performances. With brutally guttural vocals and tight drumming technique, ex-DEATH member Chris Reifert demonstrates the art of drummer-vocalist brilliantly. And so, this makes AUTOPSY one of very few bands with a drummer/vocalist in the death metal scene.


Performing the most influential album of the Norwegian black metal scene, MAYHEM return to the UK with De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety. Whilst lacking most of the original band members, in live performances, MAYHEM’s Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar incorporates hymnal chanting into raw black metal, captivating the audience with a dark, satanic sound. The most important band in black metal performing the most pivotal album of its era is definitely a rarity worth catching at this year’s Lords of the Land.


Celebrating the 20th anniversary for their hit album, Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered, Swedish blast beat lovers MARDUK return to Scotland stronger than ever. Named after the Babylonian God, MARDUK are sure to live up to as well as exceed expectations. The band receives nothing but good press, their live talent developing and progressing, rather than dulling and deteriorating. The well known black metal pioneers are sure to enthral the Scottish crowd with their diabolical and viciously brutal performance.


Originating in Ireland’s Skerries, PRIMORDIAL bring a refreshing blend of ‘folky’ black metal to this year’s Lords of the Land festival. After touring with some of black metal’s most well known such as Norway’s IMMORTAL, PRIMORDIAL have proven themselves an exceptional live band with Alan Averill (Nemtheanga), an engaging, theatrical front man. The chilling combination of traditional Irish folk with lyrical themes of death, war and darkness, is an extremely unique style of metal.


Performing at the Barrowland Ballroom with two of VENOM’s original members (guitarist Mantas and drummer, Abaddon) are Newcastle’s own, VENOM INC, identifiable by their fast and punchy sound. In albums such as Black Metal and Welcome to Hell, VENOM contributed heavily to the creation of extreme metal in the 80’s and even influenced later thrash and black metal artists.


Extreme metal band from Liverpool, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, make an appearance this year offering Scotland a new and refreshing sound of black, death and sludge metal. All dressed in balaclavas, the anonymous foursome will surely give a mysterious performance. The band will be performing songs from their albums Hatred for Mankind and the Widowmaker, both of which have received high praise from the press and fans alike.


British thrash metal band, ACID REIGN have returned to the scene more energetic than ever. By re-creating their original sound successfully, the band has received a positive response since their re-forming in 2015. Being compared to bands such and LAWNMOWER DETH, ACID REIGN are sure to bring a comedic energy to this year’s festival.


After the tragic death of drummer, Martin “Kiddie” Kearns, BOLT THROWER are back under a new banner as MEMORIAM with original BOLT THROWER drummer, Andy Whale. The old-school death metal band are ready to make a resurgence with new and original material. With a new album scheduled to be released at the end of March, MEMORIAM are prepared to take to  the stage again.


Finnish grind-core band, ROTTEN SOUND are set to take this year’s stage with their 20 years worth of material. The intensely hard-core, highly regarded Finnish legends are sure to give a performance that’ll have the Scottish crowd moshing.

With plenty of variety in the lineup, there is something for anyone with an ear for extreme metal at this year’s Lords of the Land Festival! Who are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Lords of the Land Final Lineup 2017

Lords of the Land takes place on April 1st at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on Lords of the Land like the festival’s official page on Facebook.