Gemini Syndrome announce new album ‘Memento Mori’

GEMINI SYNDROME have announced that they will release a new album this August!

Titled Memento Mori, the record is a follow up to 2013’s debut Lux, the record is acting as a direct successor to Lux in a three part trilogy; with the latter being a representation of birth, and the former acting a reminder of life. Brian Medina (Drums) had this to say on the meaning of the album title and artwork,“The title of the new album, Memento Mori, essentially means ‘Remember, We Die’. The artwork is designed to show the different layers of our physical and spiritual form going through the phases of disintegration, ending in the release of the soul.” In addition Medina also compares the writing process of Memento Mori and Lux, With Lux, we were a new band. It was our first raw expression of us as a group. Now we’ve gone through things like switching record labels and replacing band members, and the whole experience has strengthened us as a unit. We have a new sense of determination and feel that Memento Mori shows us delivering on a higher level in every aspect.”

The announcement comes after GEMINI SYNDROME revealed that Daniel Sahagún (Guitar) and Charles Lee Salvaggio (Guitar) had joined the band and both men feature on the new record. In addition to the album announcement, GEMINI SYNDROME have released the first single from the upcoming record.

Titled Anonymous, the song is a direct response to the war on mental freedom being waged by divisive elements, from the media to politics, with the goal being to protect the sovereignty of our mind and spirit. Directed by Brian Cox, the music video features a 360° virtual reality experience that you can utilise through smartphones or any other device with VR capabilities.

Watch the video for Anonymous here:

Gemini Syndrome - Memento Mori

Memento Mori is set for release on August 19th via Another Century.

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