Hometruths release new music video for ‘Feral’

Mancunian hardcore outfit HOMETRUTHS have released a brand new music video!

With the band set to release their debut EP, Open Your Eyes, in March, the band have now released a brand new music video for first single Feral. Speaking about the record, frontman Gaz Davies says, “the purpose of the record is to educate and enlighten people to what is going on in the world. Far too often people choose to turn a blind eye to these issues but with such a direct, in your face message people will find it hard to remain ignorant. People need to wake up.”

Watch the official music video for Feral here:

Alongside the release of the music video, the band have revealed the track list and artwork for the upcoming EP. Both of which, are available to view below:

Track List:

1. Embers
2. Feral
3. Divide
4. Vigilante
5. WMD
6. Genocide

Open Your Eyes - Hometruths

Open Your Eyes is set for release on March 3rd via CI Records.

For more information on HOMETRUTHS like their official page on Facebook.