Impressions and thoughts on bands signed to ‘Domestic Genocide Records’

Okay due to a recommendation from who is associated with the independent record label Domestic Genocide Records I have checked out two bands signed to this extreme metal label.


Band number one is Abidetherein, a black metal band hailing from Syria. Claiming to mix traditional black metal with ‘oriental influences’ from their home country Abidetherein offer something new to the formula that has made black metal such an intriguing sub-genre of heavy metal. I listened to two tracks from their debut album, Paralysis Engulfed the Myth, released at the start of 2012. ‘Lachrymation Murder’ showcases excellent musicianship with down tuned black metal riffs with a nice combination of solemn piano work. Vocals are harsh and scream influence from the ‘second wave of black metal’ from such bands as Burzum and Darkthrone. ‘Ninety Nine Names’ starts with a bang as vocals begin screeching almost immediately with incredible blast-beat drumming throughout. What adds to their ‘oriental influence’ is the addition of traditional Syrian music half way through the track which effectively adds a dimension which hooks the listener such as myself.

To conclude with Abidetherein, the black metal formula has been perfected since conception and this band just show how the genre is popular within the metal world            Impressions: 9/10

Links for the two tracks:


Band number two is Septory, a death metal band hailing from Russia. The two tracks I listened to source from the 2008 album, World War Chaos. The album title alone already screams the main lyrical themes behind Septory, think war, genocide, death etc. The first track, ‘Swamp’ opens with a mind blowing riff that encourages headbanging from the listener. Musically this track ticks all the boxes for death metal; guttural vocals, incredible drumming and riffs so heavy it encourages whiplash. The addition to solos throughout this track is a nice break from the constant riffs, encouraging the listener to marvel in the brutality behind Septory’s music. Track two, ‘Gods of Duality’ opens slowly with a nice steady build up which is then quenched with guttural screams which one can only marvel at. Similar to ‘Swamp’ this track has consistent riffs, trademark to the death metal style. Drumming is consistent and unlike ‘Swamp’ there is more technicality behind the guitar work which hints more to the technical death metal side of the spectrum.

To conclude with Septory, they are ticking all the right boxes of the death metal standard. Not that this is a bad thing as their music will leave a lasting impression due to the brutality behind the vocals and the musicianship that will leave you suffering from whiplash in the days to come.                                                                               Impressions: 9/10

Links for the two tracks: