INTERVIEW: Brock Lindow – 36 Crazyfists

Alaska’s own 36 CRAZYFISTS have just recently released their eighth studio album and follow up to 2015’s Time And Trauma entitled Lanterns. We caught up with frontman and founding member Brock Lindow to get some more insight into the creation of their latest effort and what plans they have for the future.

Lanterns has been out a couple of weeks now. How has the response been so far?

Brock: It’s been pretty awesome, everyone singing the new songs now is pretty special.

Did you go into the studio with a particular vision in mind?

Brock: I think artistically yes but I think the mood and vibe was still fleshing itself out and that really came to once we started getting into the songs.

Lanterns is 36 CRAZYFISTS’ eighth studio album, was there anything you approached differently?

Brock: Life was different for sure so possibly we aren’t the same people on each record, paths have been traversed and situations have changed us but the roots of the sound are still ours and hopefully we always stay grounded to that.

It feels like quite the emotional journey. Does it feel cathartic to get your inner struggles out there in the open?

Brock: I’ve always been a pretty vague writer so I think that’s my guard, not to be too blatant. I enjoy the mystery a little bit and that also helps the listener find their own way with the songs. It definitely feels good to get things off my chest though this creative way.

36 CRAZYFISTS have been in the game 20 plus years now, what keeps you motivated?

Brock: I love making music and playing live, it’s what it’s all about for me and it’s still a lot of fun, touring is a grind so you have a bit of wear and tear but you have that connection every night with the people who really feel the jams. I love that connection.

With being a father do you feel your priorities have changed over the years?

Brock: My main focus is the balance of the two, parenting and career, my daughter has been my biggest gift in this life and watching her become the amazing person she is has been my favorite thing! So yes, the carefree young man I once was has responsibilities now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How do you feel 36 CRAZYFISTS has evolved throughout your back catalogue?

Brock: Well I think all the albums show a different time piece of the band, we are less angsty now and more thoughtful, the sounds are different but still in the ball park. Lyrics are more introspective and sonically I’d say we are a much tighter band. Wiser in our years mostly.

What are your plans for the remainder of this year and into 2018? Getting the new songs out on the road?

Brock: Been out for three months and about to head home after these last two shows and recharge the batteries, come January we will hit the road again starting in Europe.

Are there any particular songs from Lanterns you’re looking forward to playing live?

Brock: Probably Sea And Smoke, we aren’t jamming it yet and it gets screamed at us every night so we will put it in and see how they dig it.

When you play live shows do you find it difficult with so much material under your belts to create a set which satisfies your old fans but also displays your progression as a band?

Brock: A little, and your never gonna satisfy everyone so we try and get a good balance and kick the doors in!

Are there any places still to tick off your bucket list with regards touring?

Plenty, Russia, New Zealand, More South America, etc. Hawaii is our last US State to play so we gotta do that.


Lanterns is out now via Spinefarm Records

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