For those who have caught on to the retro vibe of synthwave, but want something a little more rooted in the rock and electro world, something deeper and more perverse, then DIRTY CLIDE is an absolute must to check out.

If you enjoy the drum and bass of PENDULUM, the political, surreal themes of MUSE and the honest, bold grunge of NIRVANA, then smear it through layers of electronica; all the best of each of these groups is compacted into one man right here.

Based in Crewe, Lea Ward (aka DIRTY CLIDE) creates what’s best categorised this particular instance as Electrogrunge. Taking a love of videogame culture, and breeding it with the musical influences in the heavy rock and metal scenes past and present, he programmes, produces, and plays as a one-man heavyweight. For sure, there are vibes of THE PRODIGY through DIRTY CLIDE‘s work in the quality of the music, but rather with chiptune overlays and dirty, thick vocals. There’s some NINE INCH NAILS and APHEX TWIN in places with the twisted feeling you get as you taste this sonic pleasure, but like all electro artists that make a craft of thier sound, there’s an edge and originality unlike any other- You simply have to listen to understand.

What’s most impressive is the live shows, where all the guitar work is all done live, and some interesting transitions between the songs make it a really worthwhile experience. Currently playing venues across the north, if you can track him down, you’re in for a treat. If his original work isn’t enough to catch you, the covers he can muster are top quality, you’d almost be forgiven for assuming them as originals. Truly, a must see for anyone looking for more than just a one-man band, and much more than a DJ. If you want to submerge yourself in a more unusual, Grunge/8-bit electro side to alternative music, DIRTY CLIDE is the kind of underground gem you need to educate yourself on.