INTRODUCING: EnterTheLexicon


WORDS: Kei Pullar

When looking for a new alternative rock band there are what seems like an endless choice of bands to suit your every need, so saving you the trouble and hard work, take a look at ENTERTHELEXICON.

Originally residing in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the three piece alternative rock band are now heading to Brighton as they continue work on their debut album. After releasing their self- titled EP last year, ENTERTHELEXICON have been busy with touring, such as Camden Rocks Festival as well as their own headlining tours.

Founded in early January 2013, ENTERTHELEXICON have gained many fans with their tours as well as their appearances on both television music stations, Kerrang!TV and ScuzzSeen by critics as the combination of alternative metal band, STONE SOUR and classic alternative rock band NIRVANA, if this intrigues and interests the rocker within you then ENTERTHELEXICON is who you should be looking at.

So if you’re a fan of big riffs and unforgettable lyrics, ENTERTHELEXICON do not disappoint as their mix of hard hitting riffs with heavy vocals and soft toned vocals will have you singing along in no time.

With a range of songs in their collection too catchy for you to stop listening to, the promise of more great music on its way, as well as the tours to follow, ENTERTHELEXICON also has a selection of official music videos for you to watch available online for all those who want to see the band rocking away to some of the songs which you may be adding to your playlist very soon.

Those responsible for giving ENTERTHELEXICON ther unique sound, mix of heavy guitar riffs and clean vocals are the bands members ; MYKL, on thin strings and does vocals, DANNY , who plays thick strings and backup vocals and BEN who is the drummer.

Yet another reasons to add to the long list of reasons you should be downloading ENTERTHELEXICON’s newest single release Codes from their new EP Ruining Lives as soon as it comes out on the 27th November – which is also free, with a pledge to their new album – is the band is a hit with fans in their home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne doing regular meets and playing in the HMV in the city.

With their move southward, keep in mind that it won’t be long until the three piece are in a city near you so catch a show! After hearing anything they have in their musical arsenal, it won’t take long for them to become your favorite band.

Heading for the big-time, ENTERTHELEXICON’s rare sound and talent will surely lead them there in the near future. The band is definitely worth listening to as with the upcoming release of their new album and constant touring they are gaining recognition very quickly so make sure you check them out as soon as you can.