Metal has always been a diverse and interesting genre, with its hundreds of sub genres, there is always something new to explore. From the most surreal angle it’s practically a curve, Liverpool based Producer KEPLA (aka Jon Davies) brings some true mind melding reverberations to the ears of those wanting something completely outside of the box.

Not something you can physically escape in- you won’t find yourself head banging to this- this is music for the meditative, imaginative side of yourself. Expressive as it is mystical, KEPLA has combined the dark and lonely nature of doom metal with the more ambient, abstract sounds that are often only the fringes of most albums. Focusing on the more fluid textures of music, KEPLA is the kind of musical talent that goes beyond concept and completely immerses himself in the discovery.

KEPLA has produced a series of songs over 2015 that have been industrial, surreal and trippy in their influence, which combined creates something completely unique. Great highs and quiet lows, with intricate sounds and noises, melodies hidden in the mystical that are in keeping with the solitary nature of the music. This is not music that makes you want to jump and be joyous, but to reflect on yourself and the place in the universe. Sounds kind of heavy, but it’s actually very therapeutic. While entirely ambient, the emphasis that would otherwise be put into lyrics is focused on the sounds that create the same effect- essentially the music speaks for itself.

Currently KEPLA is working of more music for release this year, but has released a self-titled EP of the work he produced throughout 2015, for free on bandcamp.