Heralding from Leeds, NOMASTA bring doom and thrash together, a melding of vibrant sounds and timing complexities. They have an unconventional beginning, starting with their individual backgrounds.

The band brings together years of playing in a variety of bands like DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT and EVISORAX, bands that have shared the company of some high-profile bands (CULT OF LUNA, GODSEED and SYLOSIS to name a few). All in all, this led to some very high standards of playing within each member of the band. From there, NOMASTA initially set out as CANAYA, the band was comprised of Owen Wilson on guitar, Andy Richards on drums and initially fronted with Simon Wright, who went on to be vocalist for KROKODIL.

After Wright’s departure, the guys continued on with the new addition of Kris Allen on bass and vocals in 2015, as fully formed NOMASTA. The band have a very thrash focal sound, laced with doom and some tonal inflections and vocal styling in a similar vein to MASTODON. An interesting blend of influences throughout, think of something akin to HIGH ON FIRE and BARONESS. They have a darkness, and an intensity to their sound, that also like MASTODON, that can settle and calm, to express the emotions of the tune in more than just frothing, experimental thrash.

Since finalising the line-up, the three piece have been focusing on their debut album House of the Tiger King, which is due on November 3rd. They have played shows across the UK and honed their ideas down to create a solid body of work to be proud of.