INTRODUCING: Siberian Meat Grinder

Picture the scene – a linking segment for an episode of beloved Sky One show Braniac: Science Abuse. The camera pans round to presenter Richard Hammond, who is looking off into the distance, apparently deep in thought. He then turns his head directly into the lens and says, enquiringly, “What would happen if you crossed MUNICIPAL WASTESUICIDAL TENDENCIES and SLAYER?” Well, the answer has arrived, and they’re called SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER. 

Hailing from Moscow in Russia, they formed in 2011 and are guided by a Bear-Tsar – a mysterious and powerful entity, ruling the frozen depths of Siberian Hell with an iron paw and bringing suffering upon enemies of metal. Clearly, said Bear-Tsar has a fair amount of talent, because SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER have accrued an illustrious and impressive touring history throughout mainland Europe and Russia; over 150 shows, more than 20 major festivals and touring with the likes of AGNOSTIC FRONT, SICK OF IT ALL and NAPALM DEATH.

To date, SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER have released two mini-albums in Hail To The Tsar and Vs The World on their own label, which surfaced in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Now, however, their debut full-length album is primed and ready to drop next month, the brilliantly-titled Metal Bear Stomp. If you like high-speed thrash metal, NYHC-style breakdowns, epic sing-alongs, machine gun rap flows and gloomy black metal bridge, this is definitely something to check out. Cooking all these ingredients together, according to the band’s own unique recipe, sees them ice the cake with the lyrics about writing graffiti on trains, relentless touring and destroying the enemies of metal. The band have also dropped a video for the first song released from the album, No Way Back, which you can see below:

Russia has never really been known for much metal in recent years, but SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER are about to change that completely. Check out their current output on their Bandcamp page and get ready for the Metal Bear Stomp to crush you into the ground!