INTRODUCING: The Roughneck Riot

The Roughneck Riot Mark Richards
Combining genres of music can really help a band stand out against the crowd. What’s more impressive is when a band can make the sound truly their own, and it is genuinely impressive that THE ROUGHNECK RIOT from Warrington well and truly have the niche of punk/folk covered!

Made up of Matty Humphries (vocals/ mandolin/ acoustic), Ryan Taylor (Bass/vocals), Chris Green (guitar/vocals) Caitlin Costello, (banjo/vocals) Tez Walker (drums) and Sam Bell (accordion), this six piece not only make for a crammed stage but pump out one hell of a sound. Socio-political as punk traditionally is, the band are influenced by such mobs as THE LEVELLERS, AGAINST ME! and Dick Gaughan. Such a combination in the embodiment of THE ROUGHNECK RIOT has resulted in a decade of pure noise and enthusiastic playing in the underground scene.

Each member of the band has their moment to shine in live performances, which is just as well as each is a joy to watch individually and thrash around to as a collective. This is the kind of music to have a good time to- to drink and laugh and create a raucous. A perfect combination of both folk and punk ideologies- the music shifts between both elements and merges them in such a way that it is apparent that every member lives and breathes this music. Both uplifting and invigorating, you can tell straight away that THE ROUGHNECK RIOT have crafted a sound and a mentality for their music and shows that captures fans and first time listeners alike.

Having played many venues over the years in the UK and further afield, the band often update their upcoming shows on social media. It’s definitely a band to keep your eyes and ears open for and they both entertain and enliven you against the hum drum of life.