LIVE REVIEW: Theory Of A Deadman @ 02 Academy 2, Birmingham


WORDS: Dean Martin

In the midst of their UK tour, THEORY OF A DEADMAN are notorious for their hard rock music style and their comedic style lyrics about ex-girlfriends, but how would they fare about performing at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on their headline tour supporting their 2014 album, Savages.

FOREVER NEVER are a melodic metallic rock band from Essex who, having started in 2003, have developed their sound and grown into a band confident about incorporating a vast range of musical styles. A bouncing set proved popular with the crowd who, even if unfamiliar with their music, were fully engaged by Renny Carroll (vocalist) and his determination to ensure fun was had by all, with repeated motions to his shirt bearing the word FUN, just in case anyone forgot. FOREVER NEVER are a band full of life and humour who are certainly capable of great things and a good choice for the opening act.

Rating: 6/10

Swedish born ROYAL REPUBLIC are a refreshing change from traditional metal, both musically and stylistically as their stage attire includes waistcoats, ties, blazers, and shirts, which really make a statement on stage. Their music can only be described as rock with jazzy twinges that creates a lively and upbeat performance, good attributes for a support band, however these have enough character and joy to one day headline a tour. Their songs cover a range of subjects, including one about the cold hard truth of breakups during which Adam Grahn (vocalist) growled the words ‘cold hard truth’ into the microphone making an amusing contrast to their music and the rest of the set. Not a band to miss seeing live if you get the chance.

Rating: 8/10

Canadian band THEORY OF A DEADMAN specialise in comical lyrics, with a few fan favourites Hate My Life, Bad Girlfriend, and Lowlife, to name a few on the set list. Still touring their last album Savages, the set list was littered with old and new material, of which the crowd appreciated. Although it has been promised that a new album is in the works, along with a tour in the coming year. It was unfortunate that Tyler Connolly’s (vocalist, guitar) voice seemed slightly strained and not quite in key, but hopefully this is a one off occurrence. It was completely made up for in spirit and crowd interaction by both Tyler and Dean Back (bass, backing vocals). Great performance, whilst not a band for everyone, those who like them, really love them.

Rating: 8/10

Check out our exclusive live photos of FOREVER NEVER by Jakk Smith:

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