Make Them Suffer sign with Rise Records!

Make Them Suffer Band Photo

WORDS: Dean Martin

Hailing from down under has not stopped MAKE THEM SUFFER’s presence being felt all across the globe nor hindered them signing with RISE RECORDS.

Together they plan to re-issue the 2015 LP OLD SOULS later this year. Originally released under ROADRUNNER RECORDS, the reincarnation promises to be bigger with bonus material from their self-released EP LORD OF WOE (2010). This progression shows the Australian sextet making the move to professional status as well as building upon their early years. The band are exploring all sides of their metal, whilst still being faithful to their original sound and their early fans.

Their hometown, Perth, makes an appearance in the newly premiered music video for FAKE on RISE RECORDS YouTube channel. It was directed by Jason Eshraghian, who also directed NORTHLANE’s IMPLUSE video.

MAKE THEM SUFFER pride themselves on their unique take on the black metal genre, and they’ve spend the last few years perfecting their sound to become a “razor sharp blend of frostbitten black metal, fiery hardcore and gothic misery”. Their debut, NEVERBLOOM realised under ROADRUNNER RECORDS, sparked a series of tours alongside BLEEDING THROUGH, JOB FOR A COWBOY, ARCHITECTS, alongside some festival appearances all over the world. This was then followed by OLD SOULS, the recording of which was kept a secret, despite half the rock and roll community being involved one way or another. People such as JASON SUECOFF (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, TRIVIUM), JOEY STURGIS (EMMURE, ASKING ALEXANDRIA), to name a few.

One thing is sure, there never has been, nor will there ever be anything generic about Make Them Suffer.