Myrkur announces second studio album details

MYRKUR has revealed the first details of her next studio album!

Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist MYRKUR has announced a the studio to record the follow up to her 2015 debut album M, which released in 2015 on Relapse. The new record is set to be helmed by producer Randall Dunn, best known for his work with MARISSA NADLER, EARTH, SUNN O))), BORIS, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and more. Work on the record began last week in Copenhagen’s Black Tornado studio and will round things off the coming weeks in Dunn’s own studio in Seattle. Speaking about the new album, MYRKUR says, “I have spent the last year writing songs for this record and choosing which ones should make it. It has been a very different approach as well as process, compared to my debut album. I am mixing Kulning into the melodies, an ancient Scandinavian herding call and the lyrics are in different languages. I am very happy to have Randall Dunn produce the album here in Copenhagen, even though he is American, he seems to have Nordic blood and music running in his veins. It’s a very exciting juxtaposition for me.”

Details on the album are so far scarse, but it has so far been confirmed to include special guests (to be announced shortly) and an array of special instruments including Nyckelharpa, violin, mandola, folk drums and Kulning as previously mentioned.

MYRKUR’s sophomore album is expected for release this fall on Relapse Records.

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