Norther Call it Quits and Disband

Finish melodic death metallers Norther have decided to disband following a career spanning 16 years and 6 studio releases.

Some may state that this was inevitable following the departure of frontman, Petri Lindroos, in 2009 yet Norther continued with ‘Circle Regenerated’ released in 2011.

Norther state:

“We hereby announce after a long and careful consideration that we have decided to quit NORTHER. During the last year, it has become clear that we are not able to tour or do shows as much as we would want to, this being due to members’ complicated and time-consuming life situations. We have been forced to find session members and turn down too many gig offers. We simply cannot act as an active and working band and it is clear that these issues are not solved in the future. This is everything but an easy decision for all of us, but all this have taken the band to the point that pulling the plug is the right thing to do. There is no drama, this is a mutual decision and we all remain as good friends. ”

– via their official website (

Norther’s last show will be at the Brutal Assault festival in Czech Republic on August 10.