Nunslaughter’s Jim Sadist Hospitalised After Stroke


WORDS: David Creamer

NUNSLAUGHTER are an exceptionally awesome death/thrash band and are extremely well revered in the underground metal scene. And one of the defining factors of NUNSLAUGHTER is their dastardly devious drummer, Jim Konyak or “Jim Sadist” as he is mostly referred to. He is mostly iconic for his hilarious stage banter performed behind the kit, his evil malicious laughter inciting the crowd as they prepare to barge into a convent and kill some catholics! Hell yeah!

Well, some terrible news has befallen us recently, for Jim has recently been rushed into hospital after suffering a particularly nasty stroke. NUNSLAUGHTER have been posting numerous updates about the situation since his admittance into hospital and giving us news when they can about his condition, as well as updates given from friends and family. Although it has been said that he has been having a lot of trouble moving the right side of his body, he was rushed into hospital very quickly which should hopefully allow for a very speedy recovery for him. He is also very alert and still able to flash the horns with his left hand!

Fans who have received records and merchandise from Jim himself have been encouraged to send Jim messages of good will and support to help him through this difficult time. You can send a message to Jim in the form of a card or a letter using the address that follows:

Jim Konya
2500 Metro Health Drive
Cleveland Ohio 44109

The Hospital Room number is not needed for him to receive it.

A GoFundMe campaign has also been raised so that people may donate to Jim in order to help cover expenses that medical insurance may not cover or any expenses incurred during the injury. You can help and contribute to Jim’s expenses fund here.

For more updates on Jim’s Condition, you can follow NUNSLAUGHTER’s official facebook page here.

Lets help get the king of Cleveland metal back on his feet and behind a drumkit!