Perturbator announce new mini-album ‘New Model’

PERTURBATOR has announced a new mini-album!

The upcoming album, titled New Model, follows 2016’s The Uncanny Valley and is scheduled to be released in October this year. Speaking about the new album, James Kent says, New Model continues PERTURBATOR‘s legacy of exploring the future but this future is one based in our own eerie reality and not the retrofuturistic fantasy explored on I Am the Night, Dangerous Days, or The Uncanny Valley. In short, the narrative puts the listener in the point-of-view of an omnipotent A.I. – the New Model – a piece of human technology so advanced that it transcends concepts such as life, death, time, space, sense or language. The New Model is everything and everywhere at the same time. It was created to help mankind and save it from war, disease, pain and mortality. This creates a paradox for the god-like A.I., who understands the only way to prevent humanity from hurting or being hurt is to erase humans from existence. Musically speaking, New Model isn’t trying to make you dance. It is not a fun album. It isn’t radio friendly, and it doesn’t celebrate anything. As it was written during the most depressed and nihilistic period of my life, it was important for me to create a very raw, sometimes chaotic, slithering atmosphere that would take the listener through a short but exhausting digital nightmare – similar to the one I felt while composing it.”

Alongside the announcement of the new mini-album, a new song has been released. Listen to Vantablack (Feat Oddzoo) here:

View both the track list and artwork for the upcoming mini-album below:

Track List:

1. Birth of the New Model
2. Tactical Precision Disarray
3. Vantablack
4. Tainted Empire
5. Corrupted By Design
6. God Complex

New Model - Perturbator

Following the release of the new mini-album in October, PERTURBATOR will perform some UK exclusive shows in November. Tour dates are as follows:

16.11.17 London ULU Live At Student Central
17.11.17 Manchester Club Academy
18.11.17 Glasgow Grand Margaret Union

New Model is set for release on October 20th via Blood Music.

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