Plethora of Rock and Metal Stars Come Together for Proposed Horror Documentary

Picture Credit: - Brian Allen
Picture Credit: – Brian Allen

A documentary about the link between heavy metal/rock and horror films, called “The History of Metal and Horror” has been announced.
Crowd funding on Indigogo has commenced as the project aims to raise $50,000 USD.

The film is the work of Mike Schiff, who has a great passion for horror films, and sees a link between heavy music and horror films. He has taken years of time documenting the interviews, in which the musicians talk of their connection to horror films and the influence on their music.

The crowd funding page summarises: “The History of Metal and Horror” is a documentary which explores the evolution of both heavy metal and horror and how the two genres have merged over time. It is common for fans of metal to be fans of horror, and vice versa.

The lineup of prominent musicians includes Alice Cooper, Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT), Jonathan Davis (KORN) and Kirk Hammett (METALLICA), as well as many more.