The Team

Want to know the faces behind Distorted Sound? Look no further, here you can find the current list of staff behind Distorted Sound!


Editor-In-Chief/Founder: James Weaver

Live Reviews Editor: Perran Helyes

Album Review Editor: Eddie Sims

Head of News: Tom Wakenell

Introducing Editor: Laura McCarthy

Introducing Co-Editor: Dean Martin

Photography Editor: Sabrina Ramdoyal

Photography Editor: Rachael Griffiths

Lead Magazine Design Editor: Tilly Goodier-Page


Jack Fermor-Worrell, Henry Jones, David Aston, Zoe Gale, Alex Piercy, Sam Dignon, Charlotte Whittingham, James Halstead, Robert Bieganski, Molly Kemp, Tim Chisnall, Tim Redman, Christopher Straughan, Sophie Lynch, David Creamer, Mark McConville, Wesley Needham, Simon Alcock, Oli Saville, Philip Weller, Alan Faulkner, Lottie McShane, Laura Geraghty, Andrew Rennie, Niamh Evans, Matt Corcoran, Dan McHugh, Jordan McEvoy, Fred Eyre, Elliot Leaver, Rhi Storer


Todd Webb, Becky Callaghan, Kayleigh Elson, Abbey Plumb, Tasha Shipston, Christopher Ryan, Emily Coulter, Jakk Smith, Aypril Loines