Witherscape drop lyric video for ‘In The Eyes of Idols’

Swedish progressive death metal duo WITHERSCAPE have released a lyric video for a brand new song!

The track, titled In The Eyes of Idols, is taken from their upcoming release The Northern Sanctuary. You can watch the lyric video for In The Eyes of Idols here:

WITHERSCAPE is composed of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Swanö (ex-EDGE OF SANITY/BLOODBATH) and Ragnar WiderbergSwanö had this to say about the song and the record’s storyline, “There is a 50 year jump in the conceptual time line since The Inheritance. The Northern Sanctuary picks up where we left off with the The New Tomorrow EP” explains Dan. “The main character ‘Mannen i vitt’ (The man in white) has now restored the house where all the horror initially happened and ‘Fristaden i Norr’ (The Northern Sanctuary) is open for business! He rents out rooms to people from the big cities, who are aiming for some peaceful northern Swedish silence.  But the entity still haunts the house and ‘Mannen i vitt’ is possessed by it, so consequently he/it does terrible things to the “patients”. Since the house is built on one of the gates to hell, there’s a ritual taking place, opening the hellish dimension from where the evil entity once came, so it can go back there…”

WITHERSCAPE have also revealed the album tracklist for The Northern Sanctuary and it reads as follow:

1. Wake Of Infinity
2. In The Eyes Of Idols
3. Rapture Ballet
4. The Examiner
5. Marionette
6. Divinity
7. God Of Ruin
8. The Northern Sanctuary
9. Vila I Frid

Witherscape -  The Northern Sanctuary

The Northern Sanctuary is set for release on July 22nd via Century Media Records.

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