Zeal & Ardor unveil new song ‘Don’t You Dare’

Black metal/blues hybrid ZEAL & ARDOR have unveiled a brand new song, entitled Don’t You Dare.

ZEAL & ARDOR, the brainchild of Manuel Gagneux, which combines multiple genres, including the likes of black metal and blues, with powerful lyrics delivered in the fashion of chain gang slave spirituals, have premiered their brand new song Don’t You Dare.

The music video marks the debut of the song, as it was performed live at Couleur 3 studio in Lausanne, Switzerland on January 18th.

Check out the live session video for Don’t You Dare below:

Manuel Gagneux comments: “The idea of something so horrible that merely looking at it will end you is fascinating to me. Don’t You Dare thematically plays with biblical demons as well as lovecraftian elements that lend themselves well to this idea. Since I wrote it after getting the band together it’s not on the album, but will be performed on the upcoming tour. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy playing it.”

ZEAL & ARDOR will be performing their first ever UK show at the Underworld in London on April 20th.

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